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Most beautifully landscaped lawns feature mulch of some variety. While this unique material adds a pop of color and texture, few realize its underlying significance. Mulch plays a significant role in your lawns health for a few reasons. It serves as a buffer from heat and cold temperatures, prevents the growth of weeds, and retains moisture to nourish your plants. Plus, most mulch varieties are eco-friendly since it's developed from a process known as "tree-cycling." Being in the tree industry ourselves, we're well acquainted with this unique process that recycles wood-chips into mulch.

We take pride in giving back to our environment and community through tree-cycling beautiful mulch varieties homeowners and business owners alike can utilize in their outdoor spaces. Additionally, we pride ourselves on being your go-to source for all your gravel and topsoil needs. We offer a unique selection of quality gravel types including varieties such as Red Clay Gravel and others along with nutrient-rich topsoils. Take a look below to learn more about our landscaping materials and how we can assist you today.


When you're in need of superior landscaping materials, look no further. As our name implies, we specialize in producing quality mulch, topsoil and gravel that will greatly enhance your outdoor space. Take a look below to learn more!

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Types Of Mulch We Offer
With us, you receive quality mulch types that we develop ourselves using a a RotoChopper CP118 Machine. All mulch is processed from the wood-chips of locally recycled trees and comes in the following varieties: natural mulch and colored mulch including brown, red, black, and golden brown. We can order other colors as needed!

Explore Our Gravel Types
Whether you need gravel for a driveway or a landscaping project, trust us to provide a superior gravel type that will make a difference. Our gravel options include C Ballast, SB2, Red Clay Gravel, River Rock, Masonry Sand, Pea Gravel and traditional Oversized gravel. Get yours today by contacting us at (501) 650-3478.

Let's explore!
When looking to get a head-start on your gardening and planting projects this year, quality top soil is a must. And that's where we come in. At Folsom Mulch & More, as our name implies, we carry everything you need to beautify your lawn including nutrient-rich top soils and composts.

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