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Ready to get started on that outdoor project today? Then get all the supplies you need for landscaping endeavors here! At Folsom Mulch & More, we have various mulch varieties, top soils and just about any type of gravel you may need for tough duty projects like paving driveways and more.

For details on delivery, please give us a call at (501) 650-3478.
Take a look below to view pricing for our landscaping supplies. All pricing subject to change.

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Natural Mulch $25.00/yd
Dyed Mulch (Red/Black/Dark Brown) $35.00/yd

Pea Gravel $46.00
River Rock
Grey River Rock
Oversized River Rock
Oversized Grey River Rock
C-Ballast $42.00
SB2 $42.00
Red Clay Gravel
Topsoil/Sand/Fill Material
Top Soil 

Supersoil $40.00 
Compost $42.00 
Masonry Sand $40.00 

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