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large pile of grey gravel

large gravel pile

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Gravel is a common material that is formed from a loose aggregation of rocks, stones and pebbles. It's a multi-use material that serves both aesthetic and functional purposes for outdoor spaces. Many homeowners and business owners alike utilize gravel to pave driveways, parking lots and set foundations for structures such as decks and sheds.

Remarkably, gravel can add beauty to your lawn when integrated correctly. For instance, gravel can set the base for a stunning pathway accompanied with vibrant stepping stones. The options are truly without end. And at Folsom Mulch & More, we house a unique variety of gravel types perfect for all your endeavors.

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C-ballast gravel - this is a classic type of gravel that ranges in gray tones. This type of gravel is characterized by a medium-sized, uneven stones that are often jagged. Great for tough work such as laying foundations and new driveways.

SB 2 Gravel -Deriving from granite rocks, SB 2 gravel is lighter in color with similar characteristics of limestone. Like C-Ballast, this type of gravel is a great option for more heavy duty projects.

Red Clay Gravel - Just as its name implies, red clay gravel has a warm, earth-toned appearance. Stone and textures vary on red clay gravel typically.

River Rock Gravel - Known for its unique and pleasing appearance, river rock gravel stones are smooth and pebble-like stones that range in color. This gravel type is commonly used in landscapes. 

Masonry Sand - Masonry sand is a great option to consider when laying foundations for a pool, patio or walkway.

Oversized Gravel - Varying in sizes that range from 2-6" in diameter, oversized gravel is a great option for adding bulk to your projects. Many uses include lining sidewalks, drainage systems and creek beds. 

Pea Gravel - True to its name, Pea gravel is composed of smooth, round stones that are petite in size. Typical uses for pea gravel includes pathways and landscaping projects.

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