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If you're seeking to add greenery to your lawn this year complete with beautiful flower beds and plants, you'll need a quality soil you can depend on. Soil plays a crucial role in promoting the growth and nourishment of plants, florals and gardens. It protects your plants and provides the necessary moisture and nutrients they need to thrive year-round.

There are various types of soil you can utilize for your lawn care including top soil, supersoil and compost. And at Folsom Mulch & More, we take pride in housing all three.

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Top Soil - top soil is the upper layer of soil; it's composed of sand, silt and clay varieties. Since top soil resides in the upper most layer, its color tends to be lighter than soils found beneath it because of its exposure to sun and other elements. Uses of top soil include planting flowerbeds, laying turf, planting vegetable gardens and other planting projects.

Supersoil - a rich composition perfect for plants and flowers.

Compost - Compost refers to nearly 100% organic matter. This is a nutrient-rich material is formulated with a perfect blend of clay and other organic materials to promote optimal plant and lawn health.

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